Mark Cross
Mark Cross - Contemporary Realist Artwork


COMA OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT – 1993 – Oil on Board – 160 x 120 cm

 Price : US$14,000, Contact:  Mark Cross 

In the seventies when most in Niue would sleep on mats I saw a group of children asleep wrapped in sheets to avoid the mosquitoes. This image in a bare room left an impression on me and over a decade later the literal situation of the mosquito avoidance became a metaphorical representation of the sleeping human spirit. Although offering no solution the painting is a statement about how consumerism has replaced the need to derive pleasure and well being from our natural environment and from our own creativity. The state of hyper-urbanism has driven its inhabitants into a coma of consciousness, which, if mankind is to continue, an awakening will be required. The standing figure represents some who have realised the need for this evolution of consciousness.