Mark Cross
Mark Cross - Contemporary Realist Artwork



(Conciliation Configuration Above - Dichotomy Configuration Below)
1998 – 1999 – Oil on Canvas – 400 x 200 cm

This painting is an invertible diptych which, when reversed, takes on the exact opposite implication to its opposing configuration. In the ‘Dichotomy’ configuration the figures face away from each other and the landforms are separated while conversely, in the ‘Conciliation’ configuration, the landforms become one and the figures (tenuously) communicate. The inference is that humanity is capable of both positions, but not simultaneously and it is the format of the invertible diptych that reflects this impossibility. As both modes cannot be viewed simultaneously when exhibited, the unseen configuration should be shown in a photographic format, so that it can be seen in juxtaposition with the image on view at the time.

Corporate Collection New Zealand