Mark Cross
Mark Cross - Contemporary Realist Artwork

Gyre Vortex Jetsam Collection

Gyre Vortex Jetsam Collection: Oil on Canvas, 151 x 101 cm

(Available Pierre Peeters Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand)

This painting refers to the several oceanic gyres around that world, current systems that tend to collect in their vortex's the detritus of the consumer societies which surround them. Most poignant to Pacific and to the world is the North Pacific Ocean Gyre - often called the Pacific Garbage Patch - which collects the consumer junk from North America and Asia creating huge floating masses of mainly plastic in its convergence zone North of Hawaii. This plastic does not decompose for many thousands of years but breaks down into ever smaller particles which are consumed into the food chain at every level. I have used recent garbage here for visual effect but it is a metaphor for the broken down polymers and other chemical sludge that permeate the upper columns of these oceanic vortexes. This, while using the pristinely clear waters of Niue ironically suggests what the Northern Pacific must have been like and warning the South Pacific of what it could be like without attention paid to such issues.