Mark Cross
Mark Cross - Contemporary Realist Artwork

Lua and Segomo: War Gods in Spring

Lua and Segomo: War Gods in Spring; Oil on Canvas, 190 x 136 cm

 (Available Ivo Kamm Gallery, Zurich)

This goes back to an idea that has come up in my work from time to time, ie the tension between two opposites. Whether they be conflicts within the individual, between individuals or communities or between nations this seems to be an omnipresent state in the psychology of the human zeitgeist. There are no answers here and these two war gods that I have arbitrarily named as Lua, a minor Roman Goddess and Segomo a Gallic god are poised forever to be in conflict and neither will ever be pulled into the water, suggesting that humanity's penchant for war may never be overcome. Serendipitously, the landscape source in this painting, although not important to the idea, is on the Fluela Pass a few kilometres above Davos, where the EU, the IMF and the global powers have recently argued about what to do with the world economy.