Mark Cross
Mark Cross - Contemporary Realist Artwork

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Je crois que oui !
Something enchantingly universal about [these paintings]... like the purety of water as clear as a smile, the eternal sunshine we always wish to keep at heart... but then specially the beauty of nature in each and every detail except more precious than on a [photo]... and this special eye you have to capture such original dispositions of scenery... It is not only the copy of nature in a realistic painting... there is poetry in each scene, thoughts before and after it, like a frozen instant on something that could carry on peacefully for eternity after you finished painting it, with a life of its own... quite facinating and captivating.
Absolument ravie d'avoir découvert vos toiles, elles sont magnifiques !

Ariane Wolteche D, France, Jan 18 2010

............[We were] impressed by your brilliantly colorful Figurative expressive paintings which resonate with a powerful visual narrative and reflect a multitude of styles.  We were engaged by your dynamic compositions reverberating with a vibrant visual musical language of light and joyful palette which passionately reveals the timelessness  of our world. We enjoyed the passion and myriad of colors in your figurative themed paintings such as "Ancient Habitat" and 'Youth and Entropy" with their powerful lines and strong shapes.  We salute you on the strength of "Primal Flight's" painterly style where you symbolically reveal visible, but hidden worlds and create intangible sensations.   We were impressed with your strong color palette. We would be delighted to schedule you for an exciting 2011-2012 exhibition!

Ruth Tucker, Curator, New York

August 2011