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Have We Offended?


Mark Cross: Have We Offended? Spanning 18 years of the artist’s work from 1985 to 2003 in New Zealand and Niue, this perfect bound book contains 38 high quality painting reproductions all with brief explanations by the artist. A 2400 word essay by US writer Bradford Matsen follows an 1800 word introduction by the artist.



  • Format: A4 (27 x 21cm)
  • Pages: 60 pages 150 gsm; Cover 300 gsm with front flap
  • Plates: 38 coloured painting reproductions; 3 photographs


Reviews (from Amazon)

Good introduction to this artist, August 16, 2004 By  Gavin Knight "Gav" (Australia) 

 Straight up, I have to say I am an unabashed fan of this guys work, so for me this book is about how well it makes Cross accessible to a larger audience. The book represents a serious side of Cross's work, which many US fans may not have seen. The originals are very large format but are surprisingly well rendered (with one exception on P22). This book is an excellent introduction to his work and offers some insights into his motivation.  

  Paintings from the Polynesian Island of Niue, June 9, 2006 By  W. László (Hungary) 

   This book is a collection of images of works of New Zealand-born artist Mark Cross living on one of the remotest islands of the South Pacific, a rocky atoll with a population of under 1500 Polynesians. Many of the paintings selected are inspired by the spectacularly rugged scenery of Niue, and reflect the atmosphere of the place brilliantly. Others are melancholic paintings inspired by a family tragedy. All paintigs are accompanied by the Cross' very honest remarks about the circumstances of their creation, once again not only giving insights into his worldview but also to life on Niue.
Well worth having a look!

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