Mark Cross
Mark Cross - Contemporary Realist Artwork

European Road Trip 2010


Here are mainly landscape photos of our 10,700 km road trip through Southern Europe. Starting in Paris we drove our little Peugeot through France, Switzerland, Liechenstein, Sourther Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Mikonos, back to Italy, Switzerland, France, North of Spain and back to Paris via the French West coast.

These are some of the better photos I took. For others of the people we met etc, go to my  Facebook page here.

 To follow our journey, scroll down.


Young wheat and building, France



Canola and Wheat, France


Canola Field, France


Isteria Peninsula, Croatia


Dalmatia Coast


Fishing Village Dalmatia


Village Dalmatia


Centennial Pines, Dalmatia


Beach near Podgora


Podgora Evening


Podgora Fisheye Panorama


Podgora Sunlit


Stairs, Sumic Hamlet, Podgora


Sumic Hamlet, Podgora


Kotor Harbour, Montenegro


St Stephan's Island, Montenegro


Moraca Gorge, Montenegro


Somewhere near the border of Montenegro and Kosovo - lost


Old hamlet, Mikonos



Arid Mikonos



Alley in Mikonos Town


Little Venice, Mikonos Town


Ruins, Delos


On Delos


Street through Delos ruins circa 400bc


Village, Mikonos



Famous windmills of Mikonos


Beach on the West Coast of Greece


St Maria Villiage Esernia, Italy


St Elena Sannita, Isernia, Italy



track through poppy fields, Isernia


Poppies and cloud


Isernia Agri-land





Cipresses, Iseria


Near Lido di Ostia, West of Rome



Argentario Peninsula, West Coast Italy


Street in Florence


Viareggio Beach


Beach near Viareggio




Tuscany vineyards


Village in Northern Italy


Fruela Past, Swiss Alps


Canola and Clouds, Swiss Alps


Sunlit Mountain, Swiss Alps


Dam and Clouds



Mountain Village, France


Blauzac Panorama, Southern France


Wheat and Grapes, Blauzac, Southern France


Costa Brava, Northern Spain


Cadaques, Northern Spain


Atlantic for the first time


Nets and Chains, Isle de Oleron, France


Boat Harbour, La Cotiniere, Isle de Oleron


Nets and Circus Containers