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FLUX – 1993 - Oil on Board – 160 x 120 cm

Flux, 1993, Oil on Board, 160 x 120 cm

Produced while Mishca was ill with cancer, this painting grew from the same idea as with the painting “Flotsam”, but I borrowed from the tropical rainforest landscape here. The cycle that is talked about here is that of the storm and the consequential regeneration. After the devastation of the cyclone one of the first plants to grow back is the wild yam ‘hoi’, a creeper that engulfs the defoliated trees. In exaggerating these anthropomorphic forms I have compared them to the beanie headed Mishca, therefore suggesting she is a part of this natural cycle. Interestingly, exactly 25 years to the day after Mishca’s birth, (one generation) our first grandchild was born.