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The Sun Waits Behind Taakoka (152 x 76 cm)

Taakoko Wip 10

Feb 26, 06

Complete detail in the sand ripples and add finishing touches. Except for final clear coat of liquin, the painting is complete.

Taakoka, wip 9

Feb 25, 06

Complete reflections. Detail forground sand ripples.

Taakoka wip 8

Feb 23, 06

Finish clouds by high lighting. Rough in reflection from the Motus (islands)

Taakoka wip 7

Feb 22, 06

Highlight the foliage and rough in the foreground sand ripples.

Taakoka wip 6

 Feb 21, 06

Complete detailing clouds. Start detailing foliage with shadowing texture. Render more accurately foregound water

NB. Painting was postponed due to shipping the incomplete painting to New Zealand and then my one week hospitalisation there. Should now be updated daily till complete.

Taakoka WIP5

 Jan 20, 06

Start to detail in clouds.

Taakoka 4

 Jan 16, 06

Finish  sky background. Rough in the cloud formations. Rough in forground reflections.

Taakoka WIP3

 Jan 11, 06

Slow graduations of Ultramarine Blue mixed with liquin thinned Zinc White in order to cover the sky and water with a semi-transparent coat which allows the underpainting to show through. It is then blended with a 1 inch round brush dabbing technique.

taakoka 2

 Jan 6, 06

Roughed in the basic landscape forms, the trees, motu and beach. Cadmium yellow deep, Sap Green, Indigo, Burnt Sienna thinned with liquin to create a rough texture with the white of the guesso ground coming through.


Jan 5, 2006

After roughly outlining the basic landscape forms in pencil, I blocked in the sky and water and blended it with a 1 inch round brush using a dry brush dabbing technique. Prominent colour, Winsor Blue. Medium, Liquin.