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Foreshore Archive 1


Foreshore Archive

2004, Lightbox, Aluminium, Plastic, Florescent Tubes, 190 x 50 x 50 cm

 There was a time when Beaches were pristine. A time when the simple notion and relevance of this border between the land and the sea did not exist, because there was no cognitive intelligence to define it as such. In those days there was a dynamism that held the elements of this little earth together. It was a time before the animal homo sapien had evolved.

 But that time isn’t now. We are still throwing our garbage into the Ocean Pacific, the Moanaloa because it is sanctioned so by the complacency of humanity. But I have found that when we throw these things into the sea and they get well washed and sorted, they come back and then sparkle and tell stories about Our world. They become little treasures of humanity’s history because they all were a little part of a story in someone’s life.

 Although derived from them, we are not ocean sponges anymore, but we still leave our arrogant impressions thinking this will make it better. There is a fragment within all of us. It leaves its detritus from whence it came.

Mark Cross, Liku, July 2004