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Now available for sale, high quality reproductions on paper. These signed Glicee prints are produced using archival inks on high quality Fine Art paper. They are quality controlled by Mark Cross and are marked with the artist's 'Stamp of Authenticity'

Prices are in New Zealand dollars and include packaging and international airmail.

For purchasing details go to How to Buy  and also read our Sale and Purchase Policy 

 Figure Paintings

 Land and Seascapes

 Still Life

NB. The limited edition issue is vexed when it comes to giclees which are ostensibly high quality inkjet prints. The nature of the creation of lithographs, screen-prints etc demands that the means for printing in these mediums (images on stone, silk-screen etc) is destroyed in the process of creating them thus limiting the image production. The giclee is on the other hand a digitalised image and would never be destroyed so any limitation is based on the whim and honesty of the producer. We are of the opinion that it is unethical to number giclee prints because of this which also means our prints are unlimited. They are high quality prints using archival fine art paper and inks but they can only be reproductions albeit of high quality and signed by the artist.